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Voipo is a service that is really getting people talking – in a literal sense as well as the metaphorical. As well as encouraging people to give VoIP calling a try, the service is interesting a lot of people by offering more than other services, including market leaders such as Vonage. It seems as though now is really the time to start paying attention, because if you get on the bus right now you'll be able to profit all the more from the service and the offers that Voipo is ready to give its customers. And this is something that you really need to know about.

There are reasons why people have been reluctant up to now when it comes to switching from regular phone calls to VoIP software. The home phone on a traditional network is what we have come to know and love, and a lot of people don't realize that getting hooked up to VoIP doesn't mean leaving behind your old standard phone. There are some calls that don't feel right on any other service than your traditional phone – but VoIP can cut your phone bills so dramatically that you don't feel any financial pressure in using your home phone.

So if you are going to start using VoIP calling software, where should you start? Well, all the evidence is that Voipo is making major headway in the industry. Although Vonage is one of the key players on the scene, there is a growing Voipo vs Vonage debate that seems set to continue tilting in the favor of the newer contender – Voipo offers a lot more than its rival, including better customer support and cheaper call rates. Don't be surprised to see it knock Vonage off its perch some time soon – and if you need convincing, just look at the retweets from satisfied customers on the Voipo Twitter site.

Of course, a lot of people want to be truly convinced before they change their service, so it helps to make the service still more affordable, and this is something that can be achieved using a Voipo promo code. From an already highly reasonable call cost, the right promo codes can bring the costs down still further to the point where you'll never have to wonder whether you can afford to make that call. There are plenty of very useful Voipo promo codes for your use, offering a range of calling benefits that you'd be very well advised to take advantage of. Once you start using Voipo for your home phone service, you'll wonder why it took you so long.

Just read some VoIP phone reviews to see what people are saying about the service. Its usability and affordability are both highly rated, and its excellent, no-nonsense customer support is widely considered to be an industry leader (in what is an increasingly crowded marketplace). So much so, in fact, that there is no shortage of people queuing up to claim that there is some sort of Voipo scam taking place. After all, everything successful is going to have its haters, and there's just no avoiding that.

Is Voipo A Scam?

When a service arrives on the scene and makes such obvious waves, there are always going to be people who are dubious about its benefits and the claims that are made for it. And yes, there are plenty of people around who are claiming that this is a scam. The fact of the matter is that, new as it is and for all the noses it seems to be putting out of joint, Voipo is far from being a scam. Other companies would like you to believe that it is, because it's taking a lot of their customers. But Voipo is owned by Hostgator, a leading web hosting company. It is fully legit and above board, unfortunately for its competitors.

There is no shortage of people who will back this up. The vast majority of the information about Voipo online, including plentiful Voipo reviews, is overwhelmingly positive with people pointing out the incredibly low monthly calling costs and the speed of service. More than one user has pointed to the speed with which equipment such as a Voipo adapter gets sent out.

You will have a much harder time finding Voipo complaints online. Simply put, they get fewer complaints than other service providers because there is less to complain about – and if they are experiencing downtime problems they are quick to flag up the problem via their website and Twitter account. For many users of a new generation service like VoIP calling, the biggest issue is not the fact that they experience teething troubles, but that they struggle to find any information on how soon the problem will be fixed. Voipo is committed to keeping its customers updated.

Service users are taken care of – and this is something that is important to everyone using a new system. With so many systems that arrive new on the scene, offering a cheaper service without any drop in quality, it is natural to be superstitious, but at present there seems to be nothing but upside for users on Voipo. With new features being added – including the Voipo asterisk system that turns your computer into a virtual switchboard and allows the service to be routed to multiple phones around the house – it is clear that the goal of the system developers is to make ever bigger waves .

Another reason to consider Voipo is the wide compatibility of the service, allowing you to run Voipo from a pre-existing device. The system supports a wide range of hardware, with the online reputation for Voipo BYOD (bring your own device) compatibility being deservedly high. You can have your very own Voipo iPhone if you want to, or run a Voipo Google Voice system – there is plenty of scope to run the entire service as you want to. The Voipo fax service is among the most highly-rated of all VoIP fax services.

We've mentioned the cheap call costs, and the truth of the matter is that they are highly competitive. For a small monthly fee you will be able to call anywhere in the world using the software, and save a lot of money in doing so. Voipo international rates are seriously low compared with many of their competitors, and for someone looking to make a saving on their business calling costs this is one major advantage to the system. With these low costs, Voipo is stealing a march on the rest of the market, and it may well be to your advantage.

Voipo forwarding is a very simple procedure too, with the software being easy to use and the on screen help very user friendly. In a business setting this is something that cannot be overestimated in terms of value. Being able to pass calls on swiftly means a business will run more smoothly. A system like this sells itself – and indeed the company has a very popular Voipo reseller system that allows you to become more than a customer, making some real money from the system that you use yourself by becoming a franchise salesperson.

One of the most solid claims for Voipo's ease of use is the Voipo vPanel login system which allows easy and fast login whether you want to make a call, receive one or just maintain your account. Everything is run from your computer using your Voipo login, and this allows you to check your bill, change your pricing plan or just make a quick call – with the Voipo support system also easily accessible from here. It is a highly direct system which makes maintenance a breeze, and ensures that you don't have to worry about unpleasant surprises at the end of the month.

Speaking of unpleasant surprises, the Voipo blacklist function is something that anyone who has ever suffered with nuisance callers will be very pleased to see is available. If someone is plaguing you with unsolicited calls, then all you need to do is add their number to your blacklist. When they try to call you in future, the call will simply be dropped, as though your number didn't exist at all. Just by taking a record of the number that shows up when you receive a nuisance call, you can take this step to banish them from your life forever.

The high compatibility of the service means that you can design your own system, but Voipo will provide as much or as little of that system as you want them to. By all means you can add a device of your choice to the network, or you can use the specifically-provided devices that Voipo themselves offer – from a Voipo ATA adapter to a Voipo softphone that can be added to your network as and when you wish.

If you like to use a SIP phone, then this is also supported very well by Voipo. Running a Voipo SIP service is simplicity itself, and quite intuitive, but even if it proves to be tricky the support service are well placed to offer you help with your Voipo SIP settings – just one more way in which Voipo is setting itself out as a quality provider of VoIP services. Once you become a user you will be motivated to tell everyone just how easy it is – and with the Voipo referral system making it easy and profitable for you to get friends and business partners involved, you will find yourself telling everyone.

You can initially sign up for just a month if you want to test the service out, but Voipo renewal statistics suggest that at the end of that month most people have little or no hesitation in staying on the service for longer, so pleased are they with the low calling costs and the excellence of the service they receive. Among other aspects of the service, the Voipo port forwarding system is extremely user-friendly and intuitive. You can use Voipo in any room in your house, or any phone in the office, without needing to go through a convoluted procedure. It's a system like few others.


Of course, just because a system is affordable, this doesn't mean that you wouldn't want to cut even more from the price, and this is an advantage of the system. It is easy enough to find a promo code for, and these codes will bring an already low bill even lower, something that any business owner or residential user will be very pleased to hear in these tricky economic times. The range of different codes for different promotions is highly impressive – allowing you to call cheaper at different times, or for extended periods, or to different places. Just figure out how you want to save. promo codes work as a rewards system for using the service. The better the codes, the more you will want to use the system, and the more you use it the more it will reward you. It is therefore worthwhile to look out for new codes as they are introduced, and use the codes that will benefit you most. You would be surprised just how much cost you can cut out of your monthly phone bill just by using the right codes at the right time, and using the service tactically to make sure that you are always making a saving on your calls.

Rarely do a few days go by without another interesting Voipo promotional code being added to the growing list already online. As a service user all that you need to do to make the biggest saving is note down the codes that will help you and enter them where appropriate. Following this simple process allows you to ensure that every time you pick up your phone, you aren't worrying about how much it will cost you, so you get more out of the call. Whether it be a long-distance business call or just catching up with a friend you haven't seen in a while, it's something to keep in mind.

There is always a discount code worth looking for. After all, the more people use their service, the better for Voipo, so they are keen to reward regular users by giving them more reason to call. Just check out some of the codes that are available, and start thinking about how the change will be to your advantage. Then look at a recent phone bill and see the excessive charges fall away one by one – who isn't interested in making a saving in the current climate? And the more sensibly you use the service, the bigger the saving will be. coupon codes make using the phone a far more comfortable process. A call that might have set you back a large amount of money can, with a Voipo coupon code, become so cheap it is practically free. Making a saving is something that's never to be disregarded.

There is always a coupon code to suit you, whatever the call, wherever it is to and no matter how long it is. When you sign up, you will usually be given a Voipo voucher as an introductory gift, and if you know where to look, when to call and how to use the system, the gifts never need to end. For many people, high phone bills are the straw that breaks the camel's back in a financial sense, so you should be ready to take advantage of a system that ensures this won't be the case for you.

Getting hold of a discount voucher for a system that you would use even without the discounts is a financial victory of an incredible kind. Many savings vouchers on offer are not real savings at all, but a way of getting you to spend money you ordinarily would have kept. But if you are going to make phone calls, then you have to use a service – and if that service is offering you big savings then that is the best saving of all to make – one that makes an essential service less of a weight on your wallet.

This is really the perfect package, when you think about it. There is a service that works better than its competitors, represents a saving on their costs and has attentive staff ready to help you on the rare occasions that it doesn't work as well as expected. And in addition to this, they are offering you savings on the original saving you made. With this in mind, they are practically paying you to use the phone and to go about your business in the usual way. If you are currently not using VoIP calling – or are using another provider – start making a change today and move to

And once you have made the move, put in your bookmarks and keep checking back for new additions. You don't need to pay the huge phone bills that put many companies out of business and drive many residential users to distraction. You can free up some money in your budget just by making these few simple changes. If you are already a Voipo user, then your use of the system is just about to get even cheaper. These discount calls will save you so much money you won't believe it.

Using Voipo LLC just got cheaper for you. This is an opportunity to make savings you hadn't dreamed of. And the best thing of all is that it's not a scam. With Voipo, Hostgator, and you working together to cut into your budget, you cannot help but benefit from this system. Just think of how much money you could save in the course of a week, a month, and even a year just by using this system. Savings like these soon add up, and that is money that can be used to add to other areas of your business, even allowing you to expand your company beyond what it is achieving right now. You can't ignore these savings. Take a closer look today.